about us

3 Design Asia Group is an integrated and multi-faceted interior design practice founded in 2005 set with a driving force to change. A real change that is implemented not for the sake of any novelty purposes.

We want to design great environment because we know great environment do great things for people. They transform old city into exciting and vibrant urban spaces living with pride; They unite strangers into a close interactive communities; They foster enriching and inspiring workplaces but importantly, they encourage demanding fast paced societies to slow down and find a real balance to work, live and play.

3 Design Asia Group was formed by bringing key design partners together whereby we constantly challenge each other in our design thinking and methodologies to provide quality design that surpasses client expectations. We have developed a proven track record where creativity flourishes and successful design stories are set to last.

3 Design Asia Group…. a successful design story that we can be truly be proud of.